Heavenly Places

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100 8452 100 8447b 100 8437d 100 8437c  Unbelievable, almost frightening sunset clouds, looking toward the West on Hwy #302 about two miles East of Pelion, SC. The colors are not retouched. It looked like the sky was ablaze. There were wildfires in the Western US at the time and I suspect that the smoke and ash particulates from those fires affected the colors of the sunset. I stopped and took pictures. People of course stared at me, but I'm sure they were just wishing they had their cameras.
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100 6846-1a 100 6847-1a  This was taken the same day as the Sunflower Picture that begins my Brake Petals Gallery. Both were taken at my Uncle Ed and Aunt June's. In fact, I'll let you in on a secret. I took this picture, cropped it, inverted it and replaced the background for the sunflower. Hey! I tried to get them to reposition themselves, but the flower nor the sky were cooperative. 100 6839 100 6842
100 6074-1 100 6073-1 100 2467a 100 2429a  The beach is a great place to get shots of heliocopters and small planes. Put your camera on sports or children mode and muti shot mode, point, hold your finger down  and then hope one of them is in focus. OR learn what you're doing, get all the settings just right and then hope one of them is in focus.
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